Hyundai i30 Fastback

A Hyundai executive believes that many buyers have moved from hatchbacks and sedans to SUVs since the current offerings in the C-segment are “a bit boring”. However, he hopes that the new i30 Fastback will change that.

The i30 Fastback features a dramatically sloped roofline, which is some 25 mm lower than that of the i30 hatchback, culminating in a sleek integrated rear spoiler.

Thomas Schmid, chief operating officer of Hyundai Europe, told Automotive News that the market’s move towards SUVs “might be because the C-segment is a bit boring”.

He told the publication that he believed the new, five-door i30 Fastback could lure buyers back into this shrinking segment.

“We are the first in this segment with this type of car, and now we have the biggest line-up in the C-segment,” Schmid added.

The Hyundai executive said he wanted to “see how the market reacts” to the sleekly styled newcomer, adding that “in some markets, such as the UK, this kind of GT-looking sedan is very popular”.

Still, Schmid was guarded when it came to sales projections.

“We have a target of selling the i30 Fastback in a very small double-digit thousand number. But I feel it will be much higher, although it will take away some customers from the hatchback version,” he admitted, adding that the fastback’s price would be “as close as possible” to that of i30 variants.

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